2018 Bat Information

USA Baseball Logo

2018 Introduces new, rules for the bats that will be used for ALL baseball divisions.

These standards apply to BASEBALL ONLY and DO NOT apply to any of our softball divisions

Here are a few guidelines that WILL be followed by the league, and STRICTLY enforced throughout the season:

Tee Ball:

All Tee Ball bats under 26", that do not have the USA Baseball mark, will need to have a USABat Tee Ball Sticker applied. The League will be supplying all teams with properly stickered bats. If a player wants to bring his/her own bat for Tee Ball, that bat MUST have a sticker applied, or should be a 2018 compliant bat with the USABaseball Logo on it. The league will supply stickers for player supplied bats at the cost of $2 per sticker.

  • Be aware that use of a Tee Ball bat without a sticker puts the players, coaches, parents, and league at risk as any accident that happens with a non-conforming bat may nullify the league's insurance policy.
  • Bats will be checked by the coaching staff before EVERY practice and game to confirm safety and compliance
  • In summary, NO STICKER or LOGO, NO USE

Baseball AA, AAA, and Majors Divisions:

All bats used in these divisions MUST display the USABaseball Logo. The rules are pretty simple here, NO LOGO, NO USE.

  • This logo rule will be strictly enforced by the league before every practice, game, or activity such as batting practice in the cage with coaching staff present, during the scheduled hours for the league.
  • The League will supply 2-3 regulation bats per team depending on budget and availability.
  • Players may bring their own bats, but those bats MUST display the USABaseball logo and will be checked before each practice and game during the season.

The Logo to look out for is shown below It will be clearly visible on the bat just above the handle. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an E-Mail. It's best to be safe here as the new bats can range anywhere from $40-$300.

Lastly, below the logo is a link to ALL of the approved Little League bats for sale in the U.S. If it's not on this list, Don't Buy It!!!