Richmond Area Little League will strictly adhere to all Covid-19 guidelines put forth by the State of Vermont and Little League USA in order to conduct a safe, healthy season. 

By registering your player, both you (guardian) and your player(s) agree to follow both written and verbal guidelines put forth by the league. Failure to abide by guidelines by adults and players puts others at risk, and the league's season itself at risk, and will result in expulsion from the league/team for the season without registration refund.   

Guidance from the state and Little League USA is constantly evolving and the league will do its best to communicate the changes. 

Here are Vermont's current requirements for Youth Sports (Covid-19 Rule 9.1). You should read in its entirety before registering:   

Richmond Area Little League's additional Covid-19 Rules:

2021 RALL Covid-19 Guidelines:  (subject to change)

  • By registering for RALL, ALL players, coaches, volunteers, families, and spectators MUST abide by all guidelines/rules set forth by RALL, the state of Vermont and Little League USA in order to have a safe season. 

  • RALL will have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy with failure to adhere to guidelines. Players/families may be asked to leave RALL for the season and fees will NOT be refunded for failure to adhere to guidelines. 

  • RALL will update rules and guidelines as they are updated by state/schools/Little League and all parties must adhere to changes.

  • ALL players, coaches, umpires and others involved in gameplay/practice/event will wear mask/buff/facial covering at ALL times while on any field or ANY location players/teams/groups will play through RALL. This includes all games that are played at non-RALL facilities regardless of that league's policies. 

  • RALL will maintain distinct groups of no more than 25 individuals: a group is considered to include players, coaches and game officials. 

  • Whenever possible, the same coaches/staff will remain with the same group/team. 

  • Plays / Instruction that involve player to player contact should be discouraged when possible. 

  • Conversations about a participants’ play or experience should be done at a minimum 6’ distance. 

  • Participants, players, coaches must remain as socially distant as possible at all times. 

  • Currently, Spectators are limited to 150 spectators per event  for practices or games. As per the current Vermont Work Safe
    Guidance: Section 9.1 -Sports and Organized Sports: Section 2: The number of spectators for outdoor events should be limited as much as possible and measures should be put in place to ensure social distancing between households. Interactions between spectators
    and participants should be minimized before, during and after events. At no time shall the total number of spectators exceed current limits on event size – currently 150 for outdoor events 


  • Participants will be provided a specific, individual location for personal belongings [and allow for 6- foot distancing]. RALL will designate areas in DUGOUTS with max of 3 players inside, and OUTSIDE of the fence. Players will LEAVE their equipment in these spaces and remain there when waiting for their at-bat, etc. 

  • Sharing of equipment should be eliminated wherever possible. Equipment or supplies touched by multiple individuals should be sanitized between sessions. Players are encouraged to bring their own bats. The league will provide balls and will be sanitizing them regularly according to standards. Where possible, the league MAY provide helmets/other equipment to those in need, to limit sharing of equipment. 

  • Water may not be shared. 

  • Arrive, Play, Leave! No congregation before, during or after practices. 

  • Modify game rules to accommodate physical distancing requirements as able. 

  • Organize practice time to maximize social distancing, including staggered start and end times between sessions. 

  • No high fives, fist bumps, physical celebrations, spitting gum chewing. Snacks are NOT allowed inside dugout. No sharing of water/food 

  • In the event of an injury, staff may assess and facilitate management of the injured individual in accordance with proper first aid management. Family members may participate in injury management as necessary but other players should maintain proper physical distance. 

  • Equipment used by staff (cones, for example) may not be handled by players or other attendees and disinfected after use [this includes bases, rakes, drags, etc]. 

  • To the best of the organizations’ ability, hand sanitizer should be made available during all sessions for participants in case they do not have their own. Players and coaches should disinfect their hands prior to and immediately after every group session and after any contact with a shared surface. 

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